Deputy performs CPR, patient recovering

cropped-badge_logo1.jpgOn October 16, 2015 at about 10PM Deputy David McCart of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department overheard the Norfolk Fire Division rescue unit being dispatched to call of a 66 year old male not breathing. The address was on East Omaha Avenue on the edge of the city of Norfolk and Deputy McCart was close to the area.

Upon his arrival Deputy McCart found the victim lying on the ground in full cardiac and respiratory arrest. Deputy McCart initiated CPR and was still conducting CPR several minutes later when Norfolk Police Officer Scott arrived on the scene and assisted. The Norfolk Fire Division arrived shortly thereafter and advanced life saving measures were performed. The male was transported to Faith Regional Health Services with a pulse.

The male patient has since began breathing and speaking on his own and is recovering.

The members of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department commend Deputy David McCart for his actions and wish a speedy recovery to the patient.