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Our Hiring Process

The Madison County Sheriff’s Department fills deputy sheriff positions in accordance with Nebraska state statutes which govern these procedures. As a county with a population of approximately 35,000 people, it is bound by statute 23-1722 and others regarding hiring persons as deputy sheriffs.

  1. Applications are taken for a finite period of time after which applicants are invited to take a written test.
  2. After the written tests have been administered and scored, the results are made available to the applicants. A percentage of the top scoring applicants are then invited to participate in the physical fitness test to determine if the applicant meets the basic physical fitness requirements for law enforcement certification.
  3. Applicants who pass the physical fitness test are then asked to participate in an oral examination by the Merit Commission. The Commission creates a ranked list of applicants who passed the oral examination.
  4. The top applicants are then subjected to a rigorous background examination conducted by Sheriff’s Department criminal investigators.
  5. Candidates may be asked to submit to a polygraph examination (lie detector test) to confirm the truthfulness of the candidate.
  6. A list of applicants who pass the background examination phase is submitted to the Sheriff who then interviews the top applicants and makes the final selection.

Physical Testing Standards

In November, 2013 the Nebraska Police Standards Advisory Council adopted a physical fitness entrance standard for all incoming basic students at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center. The purpose of the entrance testing is to ensure that the prospective law enforcement officer has the physical capabilities to be able to perform the required essential job tasks necessary for law enforcement certification.

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