Madison County Sheriff’s Department

Employee Benefits

Updated June 19, 2020



  • 0-10 years – Ten (10) working days (80 hrs.)
  • 11-20 years – Fifteen (15) working days (120 hrs.)
  • 21+years – Twenty (20) working days (160 hrs.)

Sick time

Full-time employees accrue sick pay benefits at a rate of twelve (12) working days per year. Sick pay benefits may be accumulated by employees to a maximum of 960 hours or 120 working days.

Holiday Leave

12 paid holidays per year


Compensation time provided in the amount of one and one-half hours of compensation time for each hour of overtime worked

Uniform allowance

$540 per year

Health Insurance

Available after 60 days of service through Blue Cross/Blue Shield group policy

Dental, vision, life, and disability insurance plans are also available

Retirement plan

Available through Nebraska County Employees Retirement System