As of Monday June 1, 2009 civil process fees have increased to comply with Nebraska Statute 33-117 and Legislative Bill 35.

Service Fee $12.00
Return Fee $6.00
Mileage $.615 per mile
Advance Fees (Norfolk area) $50.00
Advance Fees (Remainder of county) $50.00
Advance Fees for Executions $250.00

Unused advance fees will be refunded.

When submitting papers to the Sheriff’s Office for service, please enclose the original papers for return purposes and copies for service.

Fees may be paid by check or credit/debit card or by  check. Please. make checks payable to the Madison County Sheriff and mailed to the address below.

There is a convenience fee assessed for each payment made which is non-refundable.


Civil Process Clerk
Madison County Sheriff’s Office
PO Box 209
Madison, NE 68748-0209
(402) 454-2110, extension 151