Road Closures, damaged roads, etc. March 15, 2019 11:00AM

As of 1100 AM this is the list of damaged and closed roads in Madison County:

Highway 275 – open across Madison County
Highway 81 – open south of Norfolk to south county line
Highway 81 north of Norfolk – CLOSED but may open soon
Eisenhower Avenue 1st to 13th (Highway 81) – CLOSED
NE Industrial Highway 1st to Highway 81 – CLOSED
E. Monroe 1st to Victory – open but with debris
South Victory to Coolidge – open but with debris
E. Coolidge to Grandview – CLOSED please stay off the bridge
S. 1st Street Sherwood to 831 – open
East Sherwood Road west of 558 road – CLOSED (washed out)
Omaha Avenue west of 49th St – open, ice on roadway
834 between 553 and 554 – passable but same to north edge of road
553 from 834 to 837 – damaged but passable in some areas
835 from 553 to 554 – CLOSED (culvert out by railroad tracks)
549 south of Highway 275 – CLOSED severe damage to road
Highway 121 north of highway 275, ice debris water on roadway
843 and 542 intersection (Yellowbanks area) – damaged, please AVOID this area
541st avenue south of highway 275 is closed
538th avenue south of highway 275 water over roadway
535th avenue south of highway 275 is closed road is washed out
Highway 32 west of Madison – Open
Highway 45 north of Newman Grove – Open
534th between 825 and 826 – damaged
825 and 536 – damaged

PLEASE do not drive around barricades or road closure signs, they are there for a reason. In some areas damaged roads are only marked with a flag.

Beware of damaged roads as the base of the road may be unstable.

As the ground thaws many roads could become dangerous or impassible due to road bed instability

DO NOT drive through standing or running water. The road underneath may be damaged or gone.

Please check 511 Nebraska for highway conditions before travelling.

Madison County Sheriff’s Department
(402) 454-2110