Press Release – School bus safety enforcement

Madison County SO

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office and other Law Enforcement Agencies have been receiving an increase of complaints of drivers passing school buses that are stopping or stopped to load or unload the school age passengers. This is very dangerous and obviously against the law.

Deputies with this Office will be working diligently with school officials and other Law Enforcement Agencies to bring this to an end.

This is part of the Nebraska law with the driver requirements.

Nebraska Statute 60-6,175.

School bus; safety requirements; use of stop signal arm; use of warning signal lights; violations; penalty.

  1. Upon meeting or overtaking, from the front or rear, any school bus on which the yellow warning signal lights are flashing, the driver of a motor vehicle shall reduce the speed of such vehicle to not more than twenty-five miles per hour, shall bring such vehicle to a complete stop when the school bus is stopped, the stop signal arm is extended, and the flashing red signal lights are turned on, and shall remain stopped until the flashing red signal lights are turned off, the stop signal arm is retracted, and the school bus resumes motion. This section shall not apply to approaching traffic in the opposite direction on a divided highway or to approaching traffic when there is displayed a sign as provided in subsection (8) of this section directing traffic to proceed. Any person violating this subsection shall be guilty of a Class IV misdemeanor, shall be fined five hundred dollars, and shall be assessed points on his or her motor vehicle operator’s license pursuant to section 60-4,182.

Sheriff Todd Volk