Operating All-terrain or utility vehicles on roads

The Sheriff’s Department periodically receives questions about the operation of all-terrain vehicles (four wheelers) and utility vehicles (gators and the like) on roads and highways. There are various laws that deal with their operation which are listed below.

All-terrain and utility vehicles may be operated on any road outside of a city, village, or unincorporated village (unless a city or village ordinance allows) under the following conditions:

  • Only between the hours of sunrise and sunset
  • The operator must have a valid class O operator’s license or farm permit
  • The vehicle must be covered by liability insurance for operating it on a road
  • The vehicle cannot travel in excess of 35 mph on a road.
  • The vehicle must have headlight and taillight turned on
  • The vehicle must have a bicycle safety flag attached to the rear of the vehicle extending five feet above ground.
  • These vehicles cannot be operated on a controlled access highway with more than two marked traffic lanes. This includes Highway 81 as it has four marked lanes.
  • These types of vehicles can cross Highway 81 at an intersection after stopping and yielding to oncoming traffic with its headlight and taillight on.

(Source Nebraska statute 60-6,356)

Other applicable laws:

60-6,355 All-terrain vehicle, defined; utility-type vehicle, defined.
60-6,356 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; operation; restrictions; city or village ordinance; county board resolution.
60-6,357 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; lights required; when.
60-6,358 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; equipment required.
60-6,359 Modification of all-terrain vehicle or utility-type vehicle; prohibited.
60-6,360 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; competitive events; exemptions.
60-6,361 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; accident; report required.
60-6,362 Violations; penalty.

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