2014 Law Enforcement Memorial Service

Sheriff's line

In 2014 area law enforcement officers honored the memory of Madison County Deputy James J. Drahota, who was killed in a vehicle pursuit on October 13, 1962.

Photo credit: Linda Gansebom

Marked Patrol Units


The Madison County Sheriff’s Department utilizes various types of vehicles to accomplish it various tasks. Shown below are two examples of vehicles currently in the fleet of marked patrol units. In addition to full size four wheel drive trucks, the department has placed a new Ford Police Interceptor into service. This new unit is a high performance, all wheel drive vehicle which will be used for everything from traffic enforcement to prisoner transports. The department also has several Dodge Chargers in service at this time.

Operating All-terrain or utility vehicles on roads

The Sheriff’s Department periodically receives questions about the operation of all-terrain vehicles (four wheelers) and utility vehicles (gators and the like) on roads and highways. There are various laws that deal with their operation which are listed below.

All-terrain and utility vehicles may be operated on any road outside of a city, village, or unincorporated village (unless a city or village ordinance allows) under the following conditions:

  • Only between the hours of sunrise and sunset
  • The operator must have a valid class O operator’s license or farm permit
  • The vehicle must be covered by liability insurance for operating it on a road
  • The vehicle cannot travel in excess of 35 mph on a road.
  • The vehicle must have headlight and taillight turned on
  • The vehicle must have a bicycle safety flag attached to the rear of the vehicle extending five feet above ground.
  • These vehicles cannot be operated on a controlled access highway with more than two marked traffic lanes. This includes Highway 81 as it has four marked lanes.
  • These types of vehicles can cross Highway 81 at an intersection after stopping and yielding to oncoming traffic with its headlight and taillight on.

(Source Nebraska statute 60-6,356)

Other applicable laws:

60-6,355 All-terrain vehicle, defined; utility-type vehicle, defined.
60-6,356 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; operation; restrictions; city or village ordinance; county board resolution.
60-6,357 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; lights required; when.
60-6,358 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; equipment required.
60-6,359 Modification of all-terrain vehicle or utility-type vehicle; prohibited.
60-6,360 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; competitive events; exemptions.
60-6,361 All-terrain vehicle; utility-type vehicle; accident; report required.
60-6,362 Violations; penalty.