Madison County Wanted 7-29-2015

Madison County Wanted

Madison County Wanted

Madison County Wanted 7-29-2015
Carole L. Dodson 812 N 10th ST #2 Norfolk, NE. DOB/7-9-1969 Issue bad check
Hector J. Gamez 304 W Omaha Ave Norfolk, NE. DOB/7-19-1993 Obstruct Court Order on No license dog/cat/No Rabies/Animal at large
Darryl Gatheright 311 N 9th St #1 Norfolk, NE. DOB/6-1-1958 Disturbing the peace/FTA
William A. Hines 13236 Rolling Hills Rd Victorville, CA. DOB/9-25-1974 No M/C Helmet/FTA
Reggie A. Hunt 1204 W Norfolk Ave #204 Norfolk, NE. DOB/3-26-1979 DUS/FTA
Cynthia Leazer 1402 Country Club #57 Norfolk, NE. DOB/10-22-1975 No Valid Reg/No Proof Insurance/FTA/FTA
Jacob Ragsdale 1208 W Madison Ave Norfolk, NE. DOB/7-13-1984 Obstruct Court Order on No valid Reg/No valid Operator License/No Proof insurance
Felicitas Rosales 713 S 4th St Norfolk, NE. DOB/3-6-1971 Failure to remove garbage/failure to provide adequate trash recept/fta
Yolanda Roubideaux 210 S 8th St Norfolk, NE. DOB/3-10-1977 Obstruct Court Order on DUI/Willful reckless driving/DUI/Disturbing the peace
Kevin J. Syring 1404 Lakewood Dr #C2 Norfolk, NE. DOB/4-2-1996 Failure to return library materials

Marked Patrol Units


The Madison County Sheriff’s Department utilizes various types of vehicles to accomplish it various tasks. Shown below are two examples of vehicles currently in the fleet of marked patrol units. In addition to full size four wheel drive trucks, the … Continue reading