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The Role of Parents in Preventing School Violence

The Role of Parents in Preventing School Violence

Parents and/or guardians play an essential in school violence prevention. Demonstrating an interest in their children’s lives is one of the most important steps parents and/or guardians can take to help prevent youth violence. Open communication between children and their parents or guardians is critical.

Topics for Parents to Discuss with Children

  1. Their school’s discipline policy. Parents and/or guardians should know the policy, communicate their support for it, discuss the reasons behind it, and expect their children to comply.
  2. Their school’s safety and security procedures. Parents and/or guardians should know the procedures, make certain their children know them, and communicate why they expect their children to follow them.
  3. Their own positive household rules, family values and traditions, behavior expectations, and the reasons behind them.
  4. Violence in television shows, video games, movies, and books. Talk about the impact of violence in the media and its real-life consequences.
  5. How to solve problems peacefully.
  6. The value of individual differences.
  7. Their children’s concerns about friends and other people who may be exhibiting threatening or violent behavior. Parents and/or guardians should share this information with the friends’ parents or guardians, a trusted adult at the school, or other appropriate authorities in a way that protects the confidentiality of their own children as needed and possible.
  8. Personal safety issues and appropriate responses to them.
  9. Their children’s day-to-day activities, accomplishments, concerns, and problems.

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