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Scam calls coming from Madison NE number

Scam calls coming from Madison NE number

Protect yourself from fraud calls

Protect yourself from fraud calls

This office has received complaints about calls being made from at least two Madison NE phone numbers (402-454-7290 and 402-454-7300). These are “courtesy calls” made by the “Office of Financial Affairs – Fraud Division” notifying the person called that a criminal case is being filed on them. The caller then generally asks for a payment to avoid charges being filed. The money is be sent to a New York, New York address, in this case.

This is a scam.

Representatives from “Office of Financial Affairs – Fraud Division” admitted to a Sheriff’s Department investigator that there is no one in Nebraska making these calls and that once complaints are made about the number they will just change the number. This will change the number that appears on caller ID. (This is called spoofing.)

NEVER give or send money to anyone during or as a result of an unsolicited phone call. Ask for means to verify the callers identity, business address, and purpose of the call. Often times, if you simply ask to call them back to verify the call they will end the conversation.

These callers prey upon people who they can convince they are legitimate. If you cannot independently verify what they are saying to you, them most likely it is a scam.

If in doubt, contact your local law enforcement agency; just don’t send money or give out personal information.

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